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Good Vibes - Phone Case

grey is the new black!

Good Vibes - Phone Case
jetzt 6,99
Lightweight & Durable phonecase for your smartphone!

design by Rasmus Bell

Availeble for following Phone models:
Apple: iPhone 5s | 5 | 4s | 4
Samsung: Galaxy S5 | S4 | S3 | S3 mini

The design of our Good Vibes Series is printed in a high-quality print station in sublimation. The colors are rich and the blacks are fully available. Every product is manually checked for processing errors before it leaves our factory.

Shipping :
We ship our products with Deutsche Post . Because we manufacture most of our products individually, the expected processing time is 1-3 business days.

iPhone 5
iPhone 4
Galaxy S5
Galaxy S4
Galaxy S3
Galaxy S3 mini
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Usually ships in 24 hours
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Many & Secure Payment Options
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